Portable Extinguisher Hazard Assessment

Our portable fire extinguisher hazard assessment complements your fire protection program by giving you a better understanding of how well you would be able to fight incipient fires should the need arise.  This assessment involves a walk-through of your facility and operations, and looks at the location of extinguishers (extinguishers and wheeled units) the type, condition and operability of equipment on hand.  It also identifies existing or probable hazards based on the type of operation you run.  It will identify deficiencies and make recommendations to allow you a quality response to fires, and compliance with local codes.  With a particular focus on high hazard areas, it will look at the flow of flammable liquids throughout your facility, and make sure you have the training and equipment to meet the new high flow discharge requirements of NFPA 10.

Mobile Machinery System Hazard Assessment
         Our hazard assessment for off-road vehicles is designed to serve as an expert assessment of the hazards present on your off-road vehicles.  It is designed to identify the proper system protection so fires are suppressed as they happen, protecting your most valuable assets; people and equipment.  Our factory trained, highly experienced crew will design a system that will work on modern engines to suppress fires, and cool the hot-running engines, focusing on areas where fires are likely to occur.  This is a highly specialized area of fire protection, and we are considered experts in this field.